Braun Design Favorites

Braun celebrates 90 years in the business of designing and making some of the most influential products of the past century. A few of my favorite Braun products:

S60 Electric Razor
ET66 Calculator
SK4-SK6 Phonographs
KM3 Mixer
SK1-SK2 Desktop Radio

via Fuel


I love this identity for Pino. The color palette and logo translate so well across multiple mediums. You can see more here.

"Pino is a market place for unique, functional and innovative design objects. The idea for the concept camefrom the name of the shop, Pino, which means a ‘pile’ or ‘stack’ in Finnish.That is taken visually into the new logo and the design of the shop fixtures.The interior concept with a subtle colour palette works as a background for thefresh, colourful identity and products."

Photos by Paavo Lehtonen

Andreas Neophytou

Andreas Neophytou is a designer currently working for Six Creative in London. His personal portfolio is full of interesting projects.

All photos taken from Andreas Neophytou's personal site.

Dever Elizabeth | Save the Date

Today I had a freelance project of my own deliver from the printer. I'm looking forward to working on their wedding website and their official invitations.

Size 4 x 5"
Paper stock French Paper Construction Whitewash 100# Cover (Matching envelopes)
Printing Digital

Jon Wong

This beautiful book project by Jon Wong is so clean and nice. I love the typography and color choices.

"Exploradonia is the name of a fic­ti­tious coun­try that was kept off the map as a result of the Cold War. However, the island has since been made pub­lic and is look­ing to boost it’s tourism econ­omy. The book was mod­eled after a travel guide, and the coun­try was used as a vehi­cle to dis­cuss the mer­its of explor­ing in all its forms: through edu­ca­tion, explor­ing in nature & by using technology."

More details can be seen at BÄ“hance.

All photos taken from Jon Wong's website.

Nathaniel Russell

My best friend Ben, who moved to NY last year, had these prints by Nathaniel Russell hanging in his apartment. I am missing him a lot, and I am also glad to see that Russell now had a website and an online store!


All photos of work taken from Nathaniel Russell's website.

Jason Bacher

Loving the playfulness of Jason Bacher's work.

All photos taken from Jason Bacher's personal site.